~~The FDA has approved a US Clinical Study to evaluate the RePneu Lung Volume Reduction Coils. Hospitals throughout the United States are currently enrolling patients with emphysema. If you…

•Have been diagnosed with emphysema

•Have completed a pulmonary rehabilitation program within 6 months OR are exercising regularly

•Have not had any previous lung treatments (i.e. surgery, other emphysema treatments)

•Are not currently smoking

…then you may qualify to participate in the RENEW Study.

The RENEW Study is a randomized, controlled study in which half of the patients (Coil group) will receive Coils. Half of the patients will not receive Coils (Control group). All participants will receive Standard Medical Care and will be followed by the study staff for 12 months. The Study will evaluate device safety and whether participants treated with Coils achieve better outcomes than Standard Medical Care in the following areas:

•Ability to exercise

•Increased quality of life (e.g. performance of activities in daily living)

•Improved lung function The RePneu® Lung Volume Reduction Coil (LVRC) has been used in clinical studies and routine clinical practice in Europe since 2008. To date1, over 1000 procedures have been performed with LVRC.



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