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Pulmonary Rehabilitation Increased Utilization

In 2013 Medicare started the Hospital Readmissions Reductions Program  and withheld up to 1% of regular reimbursements for hospitals that had too many patient readmissions within 30 days of discharge because of three medical conditions:  Starting in 2014 COPD will be added to the list of diagnosis that will be included for readmissions penalties.

According to a final rule released Friday, CMS will launch the third phase of the HRRP on Oct. 1, 2014, raise the maximum penalty to 3%, and expand the number of conditions for which readmissions are penalized to include chronic lung disease and elective hip and knee replacements.

Also with the growing number of studies that show the great benefits of Pulmonary Rehab:

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Relief of Symptoms Dyspnoea and fatigue are hallmark symptoms in most COPD patients. There is a considerable body of evidence that pulmonary rehabilitation improves exertional dyspnoea [3, 13] and dyspnoea associated with daily activities in COPD [2, 4, 6, 8-11, 14].

Improvement in Exercise Tolerance Pulmonary rehabilitation improves exercise ability in COPD [4-11, 14-16]. Favourable outcomes include increases in maximal exercise tolerance, peak oxygen uptake, endurance time during submaximal testing, functional walking distance, and peripheral and respiratory muscle strength. Improvement in health status Pulmonary rehabilitation results in a significant improvement in disease-specific and general measures of health status [4, 6, 9, 14, 17].

These effects are relatively long lasting and not necessarily related to improvements in exercise ability. Multiple domains of health status usually show improvement, such as dyspnoea, fatigue, emotional function and mastery components of the Chronic Respiratory Disease Questionnaire or symptoms, activity and impact components of the St. George’s Respiratory Questionnaire. Improvement in health status following rehabilitation usually exceeds the thresholds for minimum clinically important differences established for respiratory-specific health status questionnaires [18].

Prevention of Complications and Exacerbations There are conflicting reports on the effect of pulmonary rehabilitation on healthcare service utilisation. A randomised, controlled trial of pulmonary rehabilitation in California failed to show a beneficial effect on hospitalisations in COPD [11]. However, a study of outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation in Wales demonstrated that the rehabilitation group had a similar frequency of hospitalisations but a smaller number of hospital days than a control group in the year following the intervention (10.4 versus 21.0 days) [10].

The reduction in hospital days for both respiratory illness and all causes was noted. In a subsequent cost/utility analysis, these authors demonstrated that outpatient rehabilitation produces cost-per-quality adjusted life-year ratios within bounds considered to be cost effective and resulted in financial benefits to the health service [19].


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